The ErgoGenesis commitment to a healthier environment: to manufacture our ergonomic workplace products from renewable and environmentally-friendly resources.


For a Healthier Workplace

I am green!  Soy-based foam: ErgoGenesis and BodyBilt™ products are created using environmentally-friendly or “green” materials and environmentally responsible processes, assuring that productivity and environmental integrity are never placed at odds.


Supporting and Sustaining the Environment for Generations to Come

ErgoGenesis pioneered the use of BioFlex™ Hybrid Foam made from soy products for seating materials – and virtually all of the raw materials used in the production of our products are recyclable. Additionally, our products themselves are engineered for sustainability.

Their durability, modularity, and inherent quality of design ensure a long life cycle. BodyBilt™ chairs are less frequently replace and more easily refurbished, resulting not only in cost savings to our customers but in sound environmental stewardship as well.


Certified Green Recognition

Materials Analytical Services, LLC recognizes and awards ErgoGenesis, LLC as being in compliance with Dynamic Chamber Emissions Testing Certificate of Compliance with ANSI/BIFMA X7.1


ErgoGenesis Products Help You Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

  • Soy-based foam instead of petroleum-based
  • Green Shield Fabric treatments reduce fluorochemical use by 80%
  • 100% recycled polyester fabrics
  • GreenGuard – Certified fabrics
  • Longer life sustainable designs
  • 98% recyclable content
  • No hazardous manufacturing waste
  • Blanket-wrapped shipping reduces boxing material waste


It is Your World – It is Your Choice

Choose BioFlex™ Hybrid Foam

  • Manufactured without harmful CFSs
  • First in the seating industry to use bio-foam
  • BodyBilt® is a leading innovator in ergonomic seating
  • The foams used in your BodyBilt product line “leave a smaller environmental footprint”
  • BioFlex is sustainable
  • Lessens dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil