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Keyboard System Black
Keyboard System Black

Keyboard System

The BodyBilt Keyboard System for Boeing includes the ErgoFunction Keyboard Tray and the Resolve Trackless Keyboard Mechanism.

The ErgoFunction keyboard platform is 27″ wide and has a convenient area to hold a mouse as well as keyboard. It also features a one-piece 27″ antimicrobial palm rest for ease of motion between the keyboard and mouse.

The Resolve Keyboard Mechanism is designed to provide ergonomic keyboard adjustment while saving under-desk space with its trackless design. 

To purchase the BodyBilt Keyboard System, contact Pamela Bilovesky at or 925.600.8800.



  • Tray design allows for infinite placement options for keyboard and mouse
  • Tray can be positioned center, left, or right or the support arm
  • Ergonomic palm support and ease of motion between keyboard and mouse
  • Mouse pad positioning options for left- and right-handed users
  • Resolve mechanism provides ergonomic adjustability for your keyboard while saving on space with trackless design

To learn more about the BodyBilt Keyboard System or to purchase, contact Pamela Bilovesky at or 925.600.8800 or Gary Bilovesky at

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