BodyBilt Keynote Core Dual Monitor Arms (EF-02-Q-CL-P)

Multiple-screen monitor support allows you to place each monitor side-by-side or position them independently of each other – align them in whichever configuration works best for you. Place them next to each other for a seamless look or move one on a completely different plane from the other. Both arms are supported in one desk mount, which takes up just a small amount of desk space.

To purchase the Keynote Core Dual Monitor Arms, call the BodyBilt Customer Service team at 1.800.364.5299



  • Flexible, easy movement vertically, horizontally, and at all angles
  • Designed to perfectly suit sit-stand environments
  • Landscape and portrait rotation on ball joint
  • The quick-change feature comes standard
  • Dual arm design supports two monitors with independent placement


To learn more about the BodyBilt Keynote Core Dual Monitor Arms or to purchase, call the BodyBilt Customer Service team at 1.800.364.5299.