BodyBilt Petite Task (J2406B)

The J2406 is regarded as the optimal choice for smaller sized consumers. It features a reduced-size back as well as a smaller seat and shorter cylinder that is specifically designed for petite individuals, 5’3″ or less.

To purchase the Petite Task Chair, call the BodyBilt Customer Service team at 1.800.364.5299.





  • Designed with smaller back and seat for petite individuals
  • The flat petite seat is made to evenly distribute body weight
  • 10 ergonomic adjustments allow the user to control their own comfort level
  • J-style mechanism provides a smooth rocking motion or can be stationary

To learn more about the BodyBilt Petite Task Chair or to purchase, call the BodyBilt Customer Service team at 1.800.364.5299.