Employee Recovery At Work For You


Benefits To You, Your Employees, And Your Customers

Good employees are hard to find and even harder to retain.  So numerous organizations have a reasonable accommodation program in place to ensure a return to full productivity of employees who need special accommodations.  Helping at-risk employees re-enter the workforce can be cost-effective.  The Return Of Investment associated with an Employee Recovery Program often occurs within six months.

So much time has been invested in your employees’ training and development, building a team of productive, happy workers.  What will you do if an issue arises – start over again?  Should you instead invest minimally to help them recover and get back to work?  An Employee Recovery Program can help find solutions for the small percentage of employees who – due to size, shape, or medical reasons – are not comfortable with “standard” workstations.


Our Employee Recovery Program Offers:

  • Single-Source Supplier – Using ErgoGenesis as your sole source ergonomics provider saves time and money, limiting the amount of time spent researching products and negotiating prices with multiple vendors.
  • Consistent, Quality Products – Through the use of heavy 10 ga. steel, virgin plastics, superior foams and durable fabrics, ErgoGenesis products are built to last.
  • Streamlined Ordering – With our 5-day quickship program, your orders are sure to ship timely and accurately.
  • Contracted Pricing – Establishes predetermined products and pricing for a specified period of time, allowing for better project planning and certainty.
  • No-Charge Demos – Contact your ErgoGenesis representative today for a “test drive.”
  • Standardized Contract – Setting terms for product, delivery and pricing to expedite your ordering process.
  • Dedicated Customer Service – From your local sales manager to our internal customer care representatives, your needs will be met and your expectations exceeded.
  • Nationwide Service Coverage – Our national team of sales managers and technicians are available for in-house servicing and consultation.
  • Cost Reduction Results – Through fewer worker’s compensation issues and increased productivity, ErgoGenesis products offer a proven ROI