G7 Gaming Chair

A cloud of comfortable support, BodyBilt’s G7 Gaming Chair is perfect for seating satisfaction while playing the latest games.

This unique chair combines super-soft mesh with cutting-edge air cell lumbar for back support that stays out of our way while you play. It also features BodyBilt’s ergonomically-contoured seat with the added comfort boost of SKYDEX technology and S’port Foam built in. The G7’s minimally-contoured seat is designed to fit 90% of the population.

Smart Frame You Never Touch

 Unique design and dynamic tensioning of the mesh in the frame creates a disappearing edge. The shoulders and upper back don’t touch the frame, providing enhanced comfort and superior ergonomics. The mesh is also available in two color options, onyx (pictured, right) and platinum.

Unique Lumbar Solution

The lumbar features air cell technology that allows for compression and support, with greater airflow and a glove-like fit against your back.


Unimaginable Arm Adjustability

 Side-to-side mobility, rotation of the arm pad, and extreme vertical range of motion are engineered to follow your natural arm motion. Super soft pads with an elegant waterfall front edge provide superb comfort.

Seating Satisfaction

The minimally-contoured BodyBilt seat fits 90% of seated workers and provides more surface area for contact. This distributes pressure more evenly and reduces the likelihood of eventual pain or discomfort. SKYDEX, embedded in the seat, uses expertly engineered geometries to better distribute seated pressure – for more comfort and durability than standard foam. Plus, S’port Foam in the seat provides yet another layer of cushion and comfort.


Brilliant Adjustment Mechanism

The G7 Gaming Chair’s streamlined, intuitive mechanism makes it easy to achieve an ideal seated posture between seat and back. The chair maintains core support in any position, even while reclining.

Atomdoc Casters

Special casters ideal for gaming – Need more information on these to be able to write this section and highlight the benefits of these for gaming chair use.

Mesh Back Gaming Chair Features

  • SKYDEX technology and S’port Foam cushioning in the seat
  • Minimally-contoured G7 seat is designed to fit 90% of the population
  • Upholstered Optima Arms
  • Two-tone single-stitch Brisa on seat
  • Atomdoc Casters
  • Premium model with leather fabric, chrome elements, and custom logo available by request

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