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GX4 Gaming Chair

GX4 Gaming Chair

Perfect ergonomic comfort and support, BodyBilt’s GX4 Gaming Chair is ideal for long hours of seating satisfaction while playing your favorite games.

This chair features a contoured, more traditional upholstered back that delivers both comfort and support. It also features BodyBilt’s ergonomically contoured seat with the added comfort boost of SKYDEX technology built-in. The GX4’s contoured seat is 22% wider than the standard seat and designed for the comfort of gamers up to 300 lbs.

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Upholstered Head and Neck Support

The GX4’s fore/aft neckroll is made to fit behind the neck, providing extra support for the head and comfort that you can lean back into. Adjustable in height, angle, and bend settings, this ergonomic neckroll allows you to set the position exactly to your liking. The neckroll helps to reduce neck and shoulder strain as it supports the weight of your head.

gx4 blue black neck roll
Close up air lumbar on gaming chair

Levels of Lumbar

Lower back support is crucial for a healthy seated posture. This feature allows you to inflate the lumbar area to adjust the firmness of the backrest. Increase and decrease to your specific need.

Intelligent Arm Adjustability

The GX4’s center-locked Optima Arms’ ensures you don’t have to compromise healthy wrist and arm postures.

GX7 Arm Detail Right Angle close up
gx4 blue black seat close up

Seating Satisfaction

Featuring a reinforced seat that is 22% larger than average seats, accommodating gamers above the 80th percentile. Along with ergonomic contours in the seat  plus the added cushion and support of the innovative SKYDEX technology, these chairs are a must-have for ultimate comfort during gaming and streaming sessions. SKYDEX, embedded in the seat, uses expertly engineered geometries to better distribute seated pressure – for more comfort and durability than standard foam.

Brilliant Free-Float Mechanism

With easy-to-reach adjustment paddles, you’ll have support when and where you need it most. The E-style or “knee-tilt” mechanism allows you to achieve a deep rocking motion when the tilt lever is raised in the free float position. This supportive mechanism features the adjustments you need to get into the perfect position for each gaming session.

gx4 blue black e mechanism
close up gaming chair casters

Gaming Chair Casters

Made for easy movement, the casters on BodyBilt’s GX4 chair give it that final look of being ready to act. They also provide the smooth rolling that you need in your gamer chair while playing your favorite games.

Upholstered Back Gaming Chair Features

  • SKYDEX technology cushioning in the seat
  • Contoured GX4 seat 22% wider, for users up to 300 lbs. (26″ width x 21″ depth)
  • Upholstered Optima Arms
  • Two-tone single-stitch Brisa on back and seat
  • Atomdoc Casters
  • Premium model with leather fabric, chrome elements, and custom logo available by request

Learn more about BodyBilt GX4 Gaming Chair and how our other ergonomic workplace solutions can help you and your organization improve comfort and productivity.

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