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LED Desk Lamp Black
LED Desk Lamp Black
LED Desk Lamp open angle black
LED Desk Lamp Black on Desk

LED Desk Lamp

Designed to provide flicker-free, non-glare light, BodyBilt’s LED Desk Lamp is the ideal solution for adjustable desktop lighting. The touch-sensitive switch on the top of the lamp allows you to adjust the brightness to any one of seven brightness levels so you can find the perfect light setting for your needs. Power on/off and brightness controls are all done button-free on the touch-sensitive panel.

The LED Desk Lamp has a classic black finish, 500 lm brightness from 54 LEDs, and shines with a daylight white light color. With its adjustable design and dimmable light, this lamp offers the lighting level you need at your desk for a full range of tasks.


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  • Powered by constant current and covered by a PC diffusion cover
  • Emits flicker-free, glare-free light
  • Seven (7) dimming levels, from 40% to 100%
  • Button-free operation including dimming levels and power on/off

Find out how the LED Desk Lamp and our other ergonomic workplace solutions can help you and your organization improve comfort and productivity.

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