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ErgoFlier keyboard tray mechanism in black

ErgoFlier Keyboard Mechanism

The ErgoFlier Keyboard Mechanism is a cost-effective 21.75″ adjustable Teflon arm with height and tilt positioning. With spring-assisted design and a 21″ track, the ErgoFlier will help you put your keyboard in the perfect position for you to work more comfortably and ergonomically.


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  • Ergonomic and sturdy support mechanism for your keyboard
  • Convenient access to controls of both height and tilt of your keyboard
  • 21″ track provides a large adjustment range for distance from your desk
  • Works with a keyboard tray to provide a complete ergonomic keyboard solution


Coming Soon

Find out how the ErgoFlier Keyboard Mechanism and our other ergonomic workplace solutions can help you and your organization improve comfort and productivity.

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