Fabric Options

Fabrics That Appeal To Your Body And Your Taste

Ergonomics isn’t our only obsession. Your chair’s fabric is an important component with respect to comfort, durability, and taste. That’s why you have options, from the most durable and least expensive, to the most stretchable and comfortable, to the luxuriousness of leather.

Aesthetics Matter, Too.

Since everybody’s sensibilities are different, we’ve gone to great lengths to provide a dizzying array of fabric choices. In some cases, we can even work with a material a customer brings to us.

Explore the fabric options you see here for more detail. Request a sample so you can see and touch the fabric for yourself. You can also request a quote if you know what fabric you’d like on your chair. Just note that every fabric or leather we use must pass a quality, durability and usability test before it is approved to be used on a BodyBilt chair.

Grade 1 Fabrics

Grade 2 Fabric

Grade 3 Fabrics

Grade 4 Fabrics