Before Anyone Knew What Ergonomics Was

In the late 1980s, upon reviewing a NASA commissioned study titled The Anthropometric Source Book, BodyBilt began designing chairs based on the natural position the human body assumed while asleep in a weightless environment. The most dramatic feature of the natural body posture discovered by NASA is the “open” angle between the torso and the thighs, approximately 110 degrees.

By 1991, the original BodyBilt product line was launched, featuring a minimum of 10 different adjustments to help users emulate that ideal posture.

Through the years, BodyBilt management and our designers have steadfastly used ergonomic study and advancements to evolve and innovate our products for use in the office, home, laboratory, industrial settings, or wherever there exists a need for comfortable, ergonomically-designed seating. Our approach has led to numerous features, systems and accessories including:

  • The 10-Point Posture Control ® System – Gives each user the tools to experience open posture which alleviates pressure on the spinal column. Also enables our chairs to accommodate a wide range of body types, from the 5th  percentile small female to the 95th percentile large male (up to 500 lbs.) and ensure ideal posture for all.
  • Pressure-reducing seat contours – Designed to redistribute the body’s weight more evenly over the surface of a seat, this provides better support for the pelvic structure and spinal column and improves lower body circulation.
  • Specialized lumbar support system and optional Air Lumbar Pump ® – Allows for customized firmness of lower back support to relieve stretched ligaments, muscle fatigue, vertebrae misalignment and pinched disc.
  • Standard articulated armrest – Features 4-way adjustable forearm support to relive wrist, arm, neck and shoulder strain. Our 12 interchangeable armrest options are unique in the industry.
  • The BodyBilt Modularity Factor – Enables employers a means of extending the functional life of chairs. Also is a very cost-effective means of ensuring each employee has the right chair with the right features.
  • Sola, Halo Foot Ring and 24×7 line – We have developed a variety of innovative chairs and accessories for a wide range of workplace functions.
  • Height-Adjustable workstations – The ergonomic expertise has led to a natural expansion of the portfolio to include entire workstations.
  • And much more.

These innovations and more have made BodyBilt a leader in the ergonomic seating industry. Through our extensive dealer network, we have worked with many Fortune 500 companies. What’s more you can find many of our products at the Pentagon, Department of the Navy, and Internal Revenue Service.


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