ErgoFlight Keyboard Tray


The ErgoFlight platform can be used for keyboarding only, right- or left-hand mouse. It features an 18.75″ cockpit design with a circular mouse platform. The single mousing surface moves up and down, swivels, rotates 360º, and is reversible for right- and left-handed users.

With an antimicrobial palm rest, keyboard skids, and adhesive mouse pad included, the ErgoFlight has everything you need to keep your keyboard and mouse in the perfect position. Plus, the mouse platform recesses under the platform when it is not in use.





  • Versatile keyboard tray works for standard or split keyboards
  • Place mouse tray above, below, or level with the keyboard platform
  • Ergonomic palm support and ease of motion between keyboard and mouse
  • Thin profile design saves space and creates more leg room

Keyboard Tray Cut Sheet

Keyboard Tray Spec Sheet