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Neckroll vs. Headrest


Sure, it looks like a headrest but its design provides much more than simply head support. The contoured shape of the BodyBilt Neckroll supports the upper spinal cervical curve of the neck and the head because headaches and neck strain result from a lack of neck support.

For additional comfort and a fit that conforms to your unique shape, the BodyBilt neckroll foam is much softer than that found on other chair headrests, and that makes a big difference too.

The 4" range of height adjustment can be set from a seated position and allows a wide range of users to enjoy the exceptional support. If your daily seated tasks allow for a reclined posture e.g. teleconferencing, interviewing, a powernap, or just a moment to relax, this ergonomically correct neckroll delivers a higher level of comfort.



The Inseam is important for us to know so that it helps us determine which seat will best fit you. Measure along the inside of the leg from the crotch to the bottom of the ankle (just below ankle bone).



Compared to BodyBilt's most popular, moderately contoured seat (#7-style) the Stretch Seat™ is 4" longer, 2" wider and slightly less contoured. Compared to BodyBilt's famously ergonomic Big & Tall seat (#4-style) the Stretch is 2" longer but not nearly as wide or contoured.

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