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Productivity Increased for ROI

The aim of ergonomics is to maximize the human well-being and overall system efficiency.

So much is heard about ergonomics today and how good it is for everyone in the current workforce when employers encourage and provide ergonomic consideration wherever workers are employed. But exactly how does it bring increased productivity to – say an office setting?


Well, a comfortable worker is a happy worker – a happy worker is more likely to achieve greater productivity during the day because of an increased comfort level when sitting behind a computer monitor busily getting work done.


Workers Productivity Chart

Productivity is also increased because workers are actually at their desks – working! Good ergonomic seating typically eliminates many associated health problems that happen with inferior seating products. There is lower absenteeism – which again puts that worker at their desk doing the job they are paid to perform and maybe even being willing to put in a little overtime to benefit the company – who knows?


It is also typical for office morale to greatly increase when an employer makes the effort to keep employees comfortable at their workstations. Increased morale leads to enthusiastic workers willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for that thoughtful employer – and greater productivity is the end result.


However you look at it, ergonomic office chairs are advantageous to an employee as well as to the employer who sees increased worker productivity – what a great benefit to find in this modern world!


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