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Electric Height-Adjustable Tables

Transform your work surface from sitting to standing position at the touch of a button with our range of Height-Adjustable Tables. Options in surface sizes and finishes let you choose the table that fits your needs and style. Our height adjustable standing desk allows you to transition seamlessly from a sitting to standing position during your workday. Protect your posture and reduce strains and fatigue with standing height tables that cater to the unique way that you work.

We now have a Desk Shield that can be built to fit your Series 2 or Series 3 Height-Adjustable Table. BodyBilt Desk Shields provide the added protection that adjustable standing tables need against COVID-19. Composed of a back panel and a side panel, the Desk Shield provides a transparent barrier of protection around your desk. Contact your local sales representative for more information on a height adjustable table today!

Our Products

Our Series 2 height adjustable table offers the finest in comfort and style, creating a seamlessly ergonomic workstation that supports your work. With the touch of a button, switch up your position to one that meets your needs. Our Series 3 height adjustable table is the ideal option for multi-user workstations, accommodating worker heights between 5’7” and 6’3”. Built for quality and durability and ideal for the work or home office, this ergonomic solution provides comfort and class. To learn more about our electric height-adjustable table options and their benefits, reach out to our team today by calling us at (800) 364-5299.

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