It works. So you can work.

Next24, the next generation in intensive-use seating holds up shift after shift.

The Next Iteration of Ergonomic Innovation

Learn how the Altwork transforms your workspace by constantly conforming to your changing needs.

Expanding the Definition of Engaging Ergonomics

Introducing the Aircelli Stretch. All the regal recline and angelic air cell support of the Aircelli, now designed with a seat that keeps the tallest sitters ergonomically supported and comfortably engaged.

Position Your People to Perform

Paired with ergonomically ideal chairs, our workstation tools and best-practice instruction will help your team perform efficiently – without pain or stress.

We Live and Breathe Ergonomics

The little things mean a lot. If productivity matters, then eye lines and elbow angles are everything. Ergo, we pursue perfection in painstaking detail – so that you can sit back, comfortably and ergonomically.

Raise the Bar for Ergonomic Workstations

The Maestro and Maestro Encore effortlessly transpose your workstation from sit to stand, so you can conduct your workday in the perfect position(s). Space-saving and adaptable, they adjust your monitor, keyboard, and workspace height in perfect harmony.

Take Comfort in Our Never-Ending Quest for Product Optimization

Featuring a loaded menu of seating options and numerous ways to perfect the workstation, BodyBilt offers a comprehensive approach to reducing work stress pain and discomfort. Greater productivity is the payoff.

Connect With Your BodyBilt Sales Representative

Meet your partner for optimizing the workplace. Let us help you find the right ergonomic solutions for the various functions at your place of business.