G7 - Ergonomic Comfort Designed for Gaming

BodyBilt’s latest chair is perfect for long hours of seating satisfaction while playing the latest games.

Midcelli: Ergonomic Value At Its Finest

Patented mid-back mesh design with cutting-edge air-cell lumbar support make this chair unmatched in the industry.

Ergonomic Solutions Delivered to Your Door

Working from home has become critical to the safety and well-being of our society. At BodyBilt, we’re here to help you work from home without sacrificing comfort or productivity.

It works. So you can work.

Next24, the next generation in intensive-use seating holds up shift after shift.

With more than 30 years of experience in ergonomics, we know what passionate gamers need for prolonged gaming sessions!

The NEW G7 features BodyBilt’s ergonomically contoured seat with patented SKYDEX technology built-in for that extra boost of comfort.

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Sola LT

High-Back Task

Mid-Back Task

Sit-Stand Maestro Workstation

Keynote Core Monitor Arm

A Better Ergonomic Solution by BodyBilt

Highest Quality

Our products are durable, long-lasting and made with the highest quality materials, which means a reduced total cost of ownership.

Service Dependability

We offer custom fittings for your BodyBilt product, so it’s tailored to your specific needs – and we can help you with your fitting via teleconference to maintain social distancing.

Ergonomic Comfort

All of our chairs are engineered to be the most comfortable seating in the industry with our contoured, pressure-reducing seats and advanced adjustability.

Modular Construction

Our modular approach allows you to customize your BodyBilt chair, stool, ergonomic tool, or workspace product to perfectly meet your specific needs.

Ergonomic Workstation Packages for Home & Office

Ergonomic Workstation Package A

If you’d like to personally design your own fully-functional home ergonomic workstation, this package is the perfect fit for you. Choose your ergonomic chair Sola LT chair and select the workstation accessories that best fit your needs.

Ergonomic Workstation Package B

If you need to upgrade your home office setup in a hurry, this package is a great place to start. It comes standard with an ergonomic Sola LT chair and a Maestro monitor arm (for your choice of single or dual monitors).

The Benefits of a Total Ergonomic Solution

Ergonomics aren’t just about posture. Proper ergonomics can improve productivity, physical health, and even a return on investment. And working from home doesn’t make those benefits any less important. Outfitting your work home office with ergonomic products from BodyBilt can be good for your health and your business, here’s why:

  • Good posture can improve productivity and well-being
  • Ignoring your posture can have lasting health consequences 
  • Employing ergonomic solutions can actually eliminate pain or reduce existing discomfort
  • Ergonomic health can encourage healthy habits 
  • Custom ergonomic solutions from BodyBilt can bolster productivity

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