Intensive Use Seating

BodyBilt 24/7 Seating solutions are designed to accommodate intensive use environments to ensure comfort for multi-shift environments. These products are designed to improve productivity during multi shifts by offering cutting-edge solutions such as SKYDEX Technology, which is known for reducing seated pressure by up to 52%.

Comfortable Computer Chair for Long Hours

Spending long hours in front of the computer can lead to aches and pains throughout the body. A comfortable sitting chair must feature ergonomic support that protects and sustains your body. BodyBilt has created an extensive range of ergonomic chair options in a variety of styles and types. Perfect for intensive use, your computer chair boasts a range of features that enhance your experience. Each of our office chair solutions has the power to support even the longest work day, supporting your body while maintaining your posture to reduce the aches and strains of your working life.

Intensive Use Seating – Features and Benefits

With so many long sitting hours in your work day, you will find that you require excessive pain management to relieve the stress placed on your body. An ergonomic chair created by BodyBilt features outstanding lumbar support that caters to your unique body type. Height adjustable and with added features of width and angle control, you can find the perfect position that ensures comfort throughout the working day. Each of our chairs is built with breathable fabric in a beautiful variety of colors to suit any style preference.

At BodyBilt, we support working bodies. Our office chairs are designed to reduce back pain while improving posture in a way that benefits all aspects of your life. Pressure on your body, including your hips, is reduced, and you will find yourself more productive as you take on each challenge with confidence. With so many options available, you can easily find support for any working day, and we also offer custom solutions built to your individual needs. If you would like to experience the features and benefits of an ergonomic office chair for yourself, reach out to our team today at (800) 364-5299.