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Ergonomic Solutions Customization Leader

From neckrolls added to the top of the chair to cylinder and base variations – as well as modifications for our ergonomic tools, BodyBilt provides a wide range of customizations to tailor your BodyBilt solution to address your unique needs.

Our knowledge and experience in ergonomics have led to the development of customizations that serve to meet the more common challenges faced by today’s workers, including those that cause or contribute to ongoing issues of pain and discomfort.

Below, you will find links to available chair customizations that address a wide range of ergonomic situations and injuries. If you find that your specific concern is not addressed or needs additional modifications, please contact us so that we can identify the right solution for your needs.

Seating & Workstation Solutions for Specific Needs

BodyBilt chairs, stools, and tools are all designed with a standard configuration that meets the ergonomic needs of most users, but sometimes a more tailored solution is required. We are dedicated to providing customizations that fit very specific needs for both individuals and organizations, including:

  • Accommodations for workers needing Petite, Tall, and Big & Tall options
  • Foam customizations for additional support for the seat, lumbar, and thoracic areas
  • A range of arm options to address injuries or specific types of work
  • Neckrolls and headrests to provide head support and reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Ergonomic stools with ESD, cleanroom, and cleanroom/EDS compatibility
  • Specialized parts or full chair or tool designs to meet specific industry needs


The Process

Our unique, modular approach to ergonomic seating and workstation tools allows us to customize each element to address individual user needs, medical conditions, and specific task and industry requirements.

The process begins with a personal consultation with your local BodyBilt sales representative, who is deeply knowledgeable about BodyBilt products and trained in ergonomics and ergonomic assessments. Your local representative will help you clarify specific needs and issues to be addressed and will work with you to create a fully customized solution that meets those needs.


Getting Started

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