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The BodyBilt Difference


As a leading ergonomic solutions provider, BodyBilt is equipped to help you.  We offer the ability to single-source ergonomic seating and accessory products, ranging from Task to Manufacturing and Laboratory to Executive seating for various industries.

Beginning with the initial consultation, we listen and seek a comprehensive understanding of an employee’s workspace objectives. Equally important, we utilize every discipline that can contribute to an ergonomic solution – from an individual’s physical makeup to a unique work environment and more. When it comes to quality, we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than our very best.



Why BodyBilt?

Whether you work from a corporate space or a home office, BodyBilt believes you must feel your best to produce your best. We understand that everybody is different, and that’s why we provide customization to address individual issues. Our innovative and personalized designs have made BodyBilt a leader in the ergonomic seating industry, supporting the employees of Fortune 500 companies and the national government with our solutions. We utilize NASA research to implement the natural position the body assumes in a weightless environment, which allows you to focus more energy on productive creativity. BodyBilt continues to innovate to provide the best workplace seating to reduce pressure and pain and promote healthy posture.

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Green, Sustainable Ergonomics

BodyBilt products are created using renewable materials – soy-based foam, for example – and responsible processes, so that the healthy environment you exist in extends beyond your personal workstation.

Improving Comfort & Productivity Since 1988

Over the past three decades, BodyBilt has grown to become a leader in the ergonomic seating industry. Not only have several national publications cited BodyBilt products as superior to competitive brands on the market, but our chairs and workstations are also improving postures in many Fortune 500 companies and all across the GSA spectrum, including the Pentagon, Department of the Navy, and Internal Revenue Service.

BodyBilt Champions

Regardless of what we promote, more than the data we provide or the praise from any media outlet, nothing makes the case like a satisfied customer.  Just a few of our happy corporate customers include:







Lockheed Martin



Southwest Airlines


Let’s Talk Ergonomics

To learn more about BodyBilt and our devotion to ergonomics, contact a representative near you.

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