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Sit-Stand Solutions

BodyBilt offers height-adjustable solutions to help improve blood circulation and promote movement throughout the workday. BodyBilt’s Sit-to-Stand solutions are designed to accommodate all types of work environments, including retrofitting your workstation with keyboard trays and monitor arms to offering height-adjustable tables that meet the needs of everyday office workers.

Improve Comfort As You Work with a Sit and Stand Workstation

Being seated throughout your whole work day has been shown to increase fatigue levels and can dramatically reduce your productivity. Now, you can benefit from an ergonomic sit stand stool, workstation or monitor arms with the team at BodyBilt. We craft high quality options designed for comfort and support, providing exceptional benefits to the whole body. In addition to our sit stand workstations, we also provide numerous computer and office chair options that ensure that you are always ready for work while reducing aches and strains on the body.

Benefits of Ergonomic Sit and Stand Tables

At BodyBilt, we understand the need for comfort in your office. With a height adjustable table, you benefit from the ability to respond to the needs of your body as you work. Working while standing allows you to burn calories while improving posture, improving energy levels that can directly impact productivity. We also feature a range of computer chair options for your seated periods that offer exceptional lumbar support with features to cater to any preference. Invest in your body and enjoy your work more with a custom solution designed for you.

Find Out More About a Custom Ergonomic Chair, Monitor Arms and More Today

Enhance the way you work while supporting your body with an ergonomic sit and stand workstation offered by the team at BodyBilt. To find out more about the working solutions that we offer, reach out to us today at (800) 364-5299.

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