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So, you are a gamer. Have you made do with an office chair or recliner for gaming? If so, you may have noticed aches and pains after a marathon gaming session. That is because neither an office chair nor home furnishings provide the same support as ergonomic gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are made specifically for gaming, which means they have different features and structure than traditional office chairs.

How Are Gaming Chairs Different from Office Chairs?

One of the top questions is how gaming chairs differ from office chairs. Custom gaming chairs are adjustable, supportive, and durable, like office chairs. However, they are structurally different from the traditional office chair. For example, most gaming chairs have high backs. Higher backs provide better head and neck support than a conventional office chair.

Why Do Gaming Chairs Look Like Racing Seats?

You may have noticed that most gaming chairs resemble race car seats. There was not a structural reason for that initial design. Instead, that is mainly due to the original company, DXRacer, which made the first gaming chairs. DXRacer designed seats for luxury sports cars. So, they modded that design for the first game chair. Since then, gaming chairs have followed this same race car design.

However, if you think about race cars, you realize that race car drivers need a ton of physical support. Not only are they engaging in repetitive motions, but they are doing so with tons of force against their bodies. Racing seats provide tremendous support, including arm and shoulder support. That is why these seats have high backs. Traditional office chairs end around your shoulders, which does not provide substantial support for your shoulders and neck. A higher-backed chair increases the support on that part of the body. They are comfy gaming chairs but provide a passive physical challenge for your body. That means the chair pushes your body upright, forcing you into a better posture. That helps you avoid repetitive injuries or stress and strain from slumping.

Gaming Chairs Are Adjustable

An essential component of a great gaming chair is that it is fully adjustable. Most chairs are height-adjustable gaming chairs. The pneumatic lever on the side lets you raise or lower the chair. That can help you place your feet flat on the floor, though some gaming chairs may also have footrests. But you want a gaming chair that lets you fully adjust it. They should have adjustable:

  • Height
  • Arms (height, width, and angle)
  • Seat Depth
  • Lumbar Support
  • Tilt
  • Headrest
  • And More

The more adjustable the chairs are, the more you can customize them to your body and needs.

Adjustable chairs are also important because you may play multiple games with multiple controllers. The type of support you need may vary from game to play. It varies depending on whether you use PC gamers or a gaming system.

Game Chairs and PC Gamers

With PC gaming, you sit at a computer in a fixed spot. You may be using a desktop or a laptop setup but are in a relatively fixed position. The chair needs to be adjustable to get you comfortable at a desk. However, you might also want to use that same desk for other game systems, which are not at a fixed location. A game chair gives you maximum adjustability.


One of the most significant differences between an office chair and a gaming chair is that comfy gaming chairs have a lot of tilt. You may not want to sit fully upright for 10 hours during a marathon gaming session. You also do not wish to slouch because that will only lead to stress, strain, and pain. With a gaming chair, you can tilt backward; some even offer a full recline. That way, you have versatile ways to play.

Why Choose BodyBilt for Your Gaming Chair

We have talked about the history of gaming chairs. Now, there is plenty of competition in the market. So, why should you choose one of our chairs for your gaming needs? BodyBilt is an industry leader in ergonomic design. We combine the best facets of our ergonomic chairs with the tried-and-true racer style of the traditional gaming chair. That means contoured seating and SKYDEX technology. Our SKYDEX technology helps reduce the pressure on your body by up to 52%. The less pressure you feel, the less strain and stress you experience. So, you can sit for hours without feeling sore afterward.

We also use great fabrics for our gaming chairs. Do you run hot? No problem. Please choose one of our breathable fabrics, which help disperse heat, keeping you cool through gaming hours.

Appearance can be critical to gamers. We know that, so we offer a wide variety of gaming chairs. Choose one in red with black or green with black to match your gaming setup. Our most popular gaming chair is the G7 Gaming Chair. This chair features a mesh back, giving you plenty of breathability. It is a favorite for gamers who run hot. You can choose the GX7, which features an ultra leather back and seat. It is an excellent option for people who like the other features of the G7 but prefer the look of leather.

Can I Use a Gaming Chair As an Office Chair?

Absolutely. Office chairs are designed for work. They are also designed for a regular workday with some breaks in it. Gamers may spend two or three times as long in a chair with only bathroom breaks. So, gaming chairs are meant to be comfortable and versatile. They can be an excellent option for people who want more support from their office chairs. Suppose you think a traditional office chair does not provide the type of adjustability and versatility for your individual needs. In that case, a gaming chair can be a great option. We suggest you contact our helpful and friendly customer service personnel. They can ask questions about your body type, what you do, and the problems you experience with your current chairs. With that information, they can help guide you to the chair that is right for you.

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