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Contract Number

GS-27F-0043X (For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, click on the FSS Schedules button at

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Contract Period: May 6, 2011 through May 5, 2021.

New Contract Period: May 5, 2021 through May 6, 2026.


ErgoGenesis Workplace Solutions, LLC
c/o DEALER NAME (if dealer is involved)
One BodyBilt Place
Navasota, TX 77868-3713
Toll-Free: 800-364-5299
Fax: 936-825-1725

Data Universal Number System Number (DUNS): 124632725
Systems Award Management(SAM): 124632725
Business Size: Small
Federal ID#: 35-2485796
CAGE Code: 3CWN3
SIC Code: 2522
SIN Number 33721
Reference: FSC Group 71, Part I, (office furniture)
NAICS: 337214
FSC Class: FSC 7110 office Furniture

GSA Contact

For Quotes, Bids, and Orders

Government Bid Specialist

David Ferrell
Phone: (936) 870-2691

Authorized Negotiators

J2509 Grade 3 Blue Fabric 4Arms black base


William Doyle
Phone: (936) 870-2622

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