Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

BodyBilt’s seating solutions are designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes to enhance seated comfort. From traditional, upholstered backs to modern mesh backs, all paired with BodyBilt’s ergonomic seat pans, we have the perfect office seating for your organization. Our ergonomic office chair is built for comfort, reducing back pain while supporting you in everything that you need to do. With a wide selection of office chairs available in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics, we prioritize design and versatility in a way that promotes happy, healthy bodies. With standard and big and tall sizes available, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

What to Look For When Purchasing an Office Chair?

Long sitting hours at work can devastate your body in the wrong chair, and pain management can become burdensome. BodyBilt offers the best office chair options that feature intuitive design features that support comfort. Height adjustable and boasting a wide fabric range, our ergonomic solutions support you throughout your work day. Be kind to your body with a chair built for quality and see where your work takes you. For questions on our range of office chairs, contact our team today by calling us at (800) 364-5299.

Office Chairs – Buying Guide

Height: What office chair size should you get for your height?

Office chairs are typically built with an adjustable height measuring around 16” to 22” from the floor to the seat. A rule of thumb for the ideal setting for your height is 10” below your working surface.

Pain Management: Office chair with back and neck support?

Long work hours can cause havoc on your body, and may exacerbate conditions such as tailbone discomfort, lower back pain and sciatica. Office chairs with back and neck support reduce the stress on your body, leading to more comfort when working.

Material: What is the best material for an office chair?

Every body is different and at BodyBilt, we offer our customers a vast range of fabrics to support work as well as play, in addition to leather options that offer style and elegance. Unsure what fabric is right for you? Ask us for a free sample.

Price: How much does an office chair cost?

A great office chair is an investment that has significant returns when it comes to comfort and support. Our Aircelli model ranges from $1,019 to $1,210, with assembly included in the standard shipping price.

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