Along with modifications and customizations for individual needs, we also offer adaptations designed for specific industry applications. These include seating and ergonomic tools designed for research, technology, and medical laboratories as well as 24/7 work environments and more.

The seating types below represent some of the special application seating types and solutions that we offer. If you find that your specific need is not addressed below, please contact us so that we can identify the right solution for your industry needs.

J757 Mid Back Task Blue Fabric Black Base Right Angle


When it comes to sterile or cleanroom environments, BodyBilt offers the right product for ergonomic workplace seating. Almost every BodyBilt chair can be made into a cleanroom chair, and our cleanroom seating solutions have all the ergonomic benefits of a BodyBilt Chair.

Depending on the fabric used, we can build a chair to meet the strict requirements for cleanroom Class 1, 10, and 100 ESD STM 12.1-1997 standards. We have also tested certain fabrics for use in dental and medical environments, where caustic cleaners such as bier can be used daily to clean the chairs.

J707 F1 clean room stool chrome base blue


We also offer solutions for environments that require electrostatic-dissipative (ESD) seating. BodyBilt provides the right product for ergonomic workplace seating when it comes to sterile or cleanroom environments. Almost every BodyBilt chair can be made into a chair with ESD properties, with the ergonomic comfort you expect from BodyBilt seating.

We start with electric dissipating fabric for ESD environments and then ground the entire chair to casters (wheels). We use a resistor in a cylinder and a particular ESD caster. In fact, on the ESD chair, two 2.0 megohm, 2-watt resistors are used to provide efficient static dissipation with the necessary margin of safety. When done, each ESD chair is tested and approved for use in ESD environments. ErgoGenesis has several customers in the semiconductor and electronics industry that rely on BodyBilt ergonomic ESD chairs to keep their seated workers comfortable and productive.

J757 Mid Back Task Blue Fabric Black Base Right Angle


BodyBilt intensive-use seating lines are carefully designed for users in 24-hour, multi-shift workplaces. These chairs are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of long-shift applications while providing the ergonomic comfort of BodyBilt seating.

We have two lines of intensive-use seating. The 24|Seven seating line is our traditional intensive-use seating solution, while our new Next24 chairs feature the innovative, long-shift comfort of SKYDEX technology in the seat.

I3507 core model blue fabric black base

Laboratory Stools

BodyBilt’s features stool seating that was designed specifically for research, medical, and other laboratory environments. In addition to the features required by these various types of labs, BodyBilt’s laboratory stools feature the ergonomic design and adjustments for which BodyBilt seating is known.

Rolling Medical Stools Chair

Find out how our special application seating and our other ergonomic workplace solutions can help you and your organization improve comfort and productivity.