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BodyBilt, a leader in ergonomic seating, aims to provide the highest quality ergonomic products to improve the customers’ specific workplace experience. Beginning with the initial consultation, we listen and seek a comprehensive understanding of an employee’s workspace needs.

Houston-based MD Anderson Cancer Center is a national leader in cancer treatment, prevention, and research. When MD Anderson needed new laboratory cleanroom seating, BodyBilt was committed to deliver the perfect solution.


Sammy Skemp, Territory Sales Manager with BodyBilt spent more than a year trying to connect with MD Anderson, as a worldwide pandemic interrupted in-person visits and consultations.  Skemp continued his proactive approach, finally connecting with MD Anderson’s Lab Facilities Manager Hector Alvera, who directed Skemp to Kim Hanley, manager of planning and design.  The relationship-building continued as Skemp worked with Kim and Emdia Garcia, to identify specific needs, educate them on cleanroom standards, and explain exactly how BodyBilt’s many differentiators – unique seating design, modularity in seat sizes, backs and arms, antimicrobial fabrics, and more – would make for the perfect solution.

During this time, Skemp was able to determine the very specific needs of MD Anderson – the company’s current cleanroom seating was failing. Upon further conversations and investigation, Skemp realized that MD Anderson’s current chairs did not have filtration incorporated in the seating and the vinyl was peeling. MD Anderson not only needed a more durable product, but one that was specifically designed for their cleanroom environment.


Front view of J757 in red poinsettia ultraleather fabric chrome footring and chrome base No arms

In a cleanroom workplace, which is a dryer environment, seals fail quicker. Additionally, lab employees typically sit for more than eight hours a day, making comfort a top priority.

Offering an ergonomic lab stool that meets ISO standards for cleanrooms, BodyBilt was able to provide an optimal solution.

BodyBilt lab stools have a full range of motion on the cylinders, they are much sturdier than most competitive products, and are height-adjustable to allow for a natural, ergonomic seated position. MD Anderson looked at multiple seating demonstrations from competitive products, but it was BodyBilt that could accommodate the company’s needs. With features such as optional arms and a patented Halo footring, BodyBilt offered the perfect solution with its unique, custom-made lab stool. In addition, BodyBilt offers a warranty that provides part replacements at no cost.

There are currently hundreds of BodyBilt lab stools in the MD Anderson facility with more on their way. Employees and managers alike appreciate the easy-to-clean, antimicrobial fabrics with ESD capabilities and the unique, ergonomic design of the BodyBilt seat, which means they are not only more comfortable and more productive but also safer in their cleanroom environment.





Read what our clients have to say about our products.

Juan G.

BodyBilt has been the perfect partner to assist in providing solutions to our issues.”

The BodyBilt J series has been an amazing resource that allows me to successfully accommodate the vast majority of those requesting assistance. The wide variety of sizes and options, along with the full range of available adjustments, typically allow each individual to find the proper setting to alleviate their issues.

BodyBilt Customer

“The level of customer service he has provided has been outstanding.”

Over the past few months, I have been deeply grateful to the quality products BodyBilt has offered at discounted prices to support companies during this pandemic when so many of our workforce have been asked to work from their homes.

Howard B.

“It’s been my good fortune to be a BodyBilt customer.”

The Bodybilt chair I’m sitting on while typing this email was purchased in 1996. I’ve had back issues since 1975 and it’s always been amazing to me how comfortable this chair has been.

Mark P.

“Most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned.”

I love my chair! I’ve had some issues over the last few years, including a broken back/collapsed vertebra. It was a tough time for me and there were long periods when I was unable to get to my computer. When I was finally able to get up, I found that I could always sit for significant periods, at my computer and be totally comfortable in my ergonomic chair.

Jim M.

“The number of chair adjustments allow for many different types of users.”

We have had a few different BodyBilt styles over the years (25 for me) and we seem to beat on most of them, which I think is typical for our industry. We also have had and have some big folks using them too. Our officers and civilians find plenty of room in the chairs, even with full gun belts.

Tony E.

“I’m back to pain-free living…this chair is priceless!”

Within the first two weeks of working from home, all my pain returned, and this time it included daily headaches. I quickly realized how important it is to have a good chair. Luckily, I had to return to the office for a day and took the opportunity to find the brand and model of my chair. It was a BodyBilt J3507.


“This chair performs as advertised.”

 I used to have to go to a chiropractor at least once a week for sciatic nerve pain that went from my hip down my left leg. I did everything he said and still had to keep coming back. My rep asked to see what chair I use at work so I brought in pictures and he immediately knew what is causing the problem.

John D.

“Everyone who has a desk job should invest in a BodyBilt.”

I bought my BodyBilt chair 13 years ago. I love this chair! When we moved to a new building six years ago the college bought all new furniture. I tried to get them to buy me a new one, but they wouldn’t, so I fought to have the movers bring my BodyBilt chair to the new building.


“Helped eliminate my pain and has been life-changing and career-extending.”

I would like to recognize Mike B for his outstanding support. His skill in diagnosing and resolving ergonomic problems is amazing. He helped me solve a sciatica problem five years ago as and recently resolved a lower back pain issue.

Eric T.

“BodyBilt is the only brand I will consider when purchasing in the future.”

 It’s only after you take one of your chairs apart that you come to realize for yourself how really well built they are. The new parts fixed the problem, and all this was done under warranty (no charge) even though my chair was five years old when the problem happened. I just want you to know that BodyBilt is the only brand I will consider when purchasing in the future.

John S.

“After sitting in the BodyBilt the rest of the day, my back pain went from like an 8 to a 2.”

You’re not wrong about this chair!!  God, I wish I would’ve “just trusted” you (and coughed up the money) 10 years ago.  I don’t want to jinx things, but I’m really starting to wonder if my office chair has been a major contributor to my back pain all this time!  I’ve been using the tailbone-cutout chair I just replaced with your chair since I bought it in Nov 2017 (after trying all kinds of cushions that didn’t seem to work).