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Your chairs must pull double duty when working in a healthcare or industrial environment. They need to be safe for your and your employees. They also need to be safe for your domain. That means they need to be ESD compliant and made of materials you can easily sanitize. If not, you can compromise a cleanroom or healthcare environment. Fortunately, BodyBilt by Ergogenesis has plenty of ergonomic industrial chairs you can use in multiple settings.

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Healthcare Hygiene Standards

When you think about a healthcare environment, you know that some things need to be sterile. You might focus on tools and other implements. However, healthcare environments are full of germs. You need a way to quickly and efficiently sanitize things without damaging them. Things with hard surfaces are easier to sanitize than things with soft surfaces. However, BodyBilt offers several chairs that are easy to sanitize.

Even if your office chairs are restricted to your office staff, they still impact patient safety. Think about how your team goes through normal office activities. They place their hands on their seats, scoot themselves up, brush things off them, etc. That means germs on your chairs can quickly transfer to your staff and patients. The easier it is to sanitize those items, the lower the risk of disease transmission.

Is that going to make your medical office germ-free? Of course not. Nothing is going to make a general office environment completely sterile. However, the fewer germs in your joint and office areas, the fewer germs you must battle when sterilizing instruments or regions. So, choose BodyBilt’s hygiene-friendly selection to help germ-proof your office space.

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Clean Rooms

A clean room is a room that has a controlled environment. It filters outside air to remove as much dust, microbes, and other particulates as possible. The goal is to keep the area clean and free from contamination. People use clean rooms for various reasons. You can find them in medical, industrial, and laboratory environments. For example, some surgical suites may be similar to clean rooms. Laboratories to test or create items may also need to be clean rooms.

Clean rooms are needed whenever small particulates could impact quality or test results. Some applications include

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductors
  • Biotech
  • Life Sciences
  • Military
  • Medical Devices
  • And More

Most cleanrooms are cleaned by HEPA air filters, which filter out 99.99% of particles. They are also cleaned and sanitized according to specific protocols. Depending on their applications, some cleanrooms are also temperature controlled. Keeping temperatures low helps inhibit the growth of microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Personnel also have to follow stringent protocols to keep the space clean. Touch contamination is a real possibility. That means that any item in the cleanroom needs to be easy to sanitize. In addition, lab personnel need to wear unique coats, booties, and hair nets to help prevent contamination. You can find more details about the necessary equipment in ISO-14644-1.

BodyBilt’s ergonomic industrial chairs are a perfect choice for cleanroom chairs. You see many cleanrooms that only feature stools or other uncomfortable seating. However, comfortable seating is essential. The less comfortable employees are, the more likely they need frequent breaks. Suppose they take these breaks outside of the cleanroom environment. In that case, they might fail to adhere to cleanroom protocols when they enter or exit. The goal is to minimize exits and entries. Comfortable seating is one way to help do that.


Static Electricity

When people think of a cleanroom environment, they usually think of germs. However, it is essential to consider static electricity as well. Static electricity’s formal name is electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic energy builds up on items and can discharge when the charge transfers to another object. Sometimes, you can see a visible spark. Other times, you may feel a little zap. For people, ESD is no big deal. When dealing with electronics, ESD can ruin your product. That is why you need ESD chairs for many cleanroom applications.

ESD-safe materials reduce the discharge of static electricity. So, an ergonomic ESD chair offers comfortable seating without increasing the risk of a static discharge. While these ESD chairs may be more expensive in the initial purchase, they provide a great return on investment because they keep you safe.

To create ESD chairs, we consider everything. We use electric dissipating fabric, which discourages the buildup of electrical charges. We ground the chair using the casters, which contact the ground, to dissipate charges. We place a resistor in a cylinder to enhance the grounding capabilities on the casters. We use two 2.0 megohm, 2-watt resistors in the chairs, ensuring a margin of safety around the chair’s grounding capabilities. Then, we individually test each chair to ensure it is safe in an ESD environment. Unsurprisingly, we get rave reviews from customers in the semiconductor and electronics industries!

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Chairs or Stools

Looking through our product line, you will see various ergonomic chair options that work well in industrial environments. However, we also offer stools. Determining which one you need involves looking at what your employees are doing in a particular environment. Are they looking down into a microscope? If so, an ergonomic chair will actually work against the body’s natural posture and function. In those cases, a stool will be a better choice. BodyBilt offers chair and stool options to get the proper seating for your setting.


Why Choose BodyBilt

There are dozens of manufacturers of industrial, medical, and ESD seating. Why choose BodyBilt? At BodyBilt, your company is only as healthy as your employees. We focus on creating seating that supports people in various tasks. We designed all our chairs and lab stools, focusing on anatomical support, adjustability, and comfort. We have a range of sizes and styles so that you can find the correct seating for every team member.

Most of our equipment can be modified to be appropriate for industrial applications. Contact our responsive and knowledgeable customer service team if you like a chair not featured in this section. They can let you know if we can modify the chair for cleanroom or ESD usage.

In addition, we have chairs that are suitable for different levels. Our products include chairs and stools you can use under.

  • Class 1
  • Class 10
  • Class 100

ESD STM 12.1-1997 standards. Furthermore, we have individually tested goods for medical and dental environments, where it is essential that you can sterilize them and stand up to the heavy-duty sanitizers used in medical settings.

Whatever industrial or medical needs you have, we can meet them. Contact us today to learn how we can help you pick the right equipment for your business.

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