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Comfort is a chair that is fit to you.

Start the journey toward comfort with a custom chair consultation from our Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.

Make an Investment in Your Well-Being

BodyBilt chairs are ergonomically engineered to support your particular profile – neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs – so you can sit in superior satisfaction.


No two bodies are exactly the same. Our chairs are carefully crafted to fit the absolute array of frames, from petite to big and tall. They’re also exceptionally adjustable so you can enjoy posture-perfect nirvana.
BodyBilt chairs and workplace solutions can help you:

  • Sit comfortably
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent stress or injury

Your custom chair begins as a conversation with our Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. We’ll discuss your shape, situation and special concerns so we can design your perfect chair. We’ll also help you understand how to adjust it accurately and provide continued support.

How BodyBilt Chairs Are Better


Our foam and lumbar options provide optimal support for your upper and lower back.


Incredible adjustability puts you in the perfect position for comfort.



Optima arms set the standard in comfort, ergonomics, and adjustability – or choose from specialized options to meet your particular needs.


A contoured seat provides support for your
hips and back, improving lower body

I’ve had my chair now for several months and I have to tell you that sometimes I would rather sleep in that chair than sleep in my own bed. It is just perfect for me. In addition, the service that came with the chair is second to none.
Richard Y.