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I would like to recognize Mike B for his outstanding support. His skill in diagnosing and resolving ergonomic problems is amazing. He helped me solve a sciatica problem five years ago as you can see below and recently resolved a lower back pain issue with me. In both of my experiences with him he was friendly, professional and most importantly he solved the problems both times.

The BodyBilt product that you offer is outstanding.

His ability to eliminate my pain has been life changing and career extending.



I am writing to let you know what a terrific job your employee, Susan M, has done with a very difficult client of mine. As a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant with UnumProvident Insurance Company, I had someone that was in need of an ergonomic chair at her work site and ultimately purchased a BodyBilt chair to this end. Due to many ongoing physical issues, this client continued to phone with complaints that she was still uncomfortable. Susan became involved at this point and visited with my client to determine what the real needs were.

During the weeks that Susan and I have communicated, she has made various adjustments to the chair and has kept in very close contact with me during the process. She has made several visits to the site and has handled this client extremely well. I have been impressed with Susan’s professionalism and in handling issues as they arose in her own self-directed manner.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Susan and I certainly hope that our paths may cross again in the future. You have one talented and special employee.


Lady A. J. CDMS, CCM
Chattanooga, Tennesse


It’s only after you take one of your chairs apart that you come to realize for yourself how really well built they are. The new parts fixed the problem and all this was done under warranty (no charge) even though my chair was five years old when the problem happened. I just want you to know that BodyBilt is the only brand I will consider when purchasing in the future


Please compliment Ray for me.

Best Regards,

Eric T.