ErgoFluent Keyboard Tray


The versatile ErgoFluent Tray can be used for keyboard only as well as with a right- or left-hand mouse – or even both at the same time. Both mouse areas are independent wings that extend from beneath the tray, and have integral “mouse traps” to retain the mouse in a negative tilt application. You can also use one for your mouse and one for your phone or notes.

The ErgoFluent Keyboard tray includes an antimicrobial palm rest, keyboard skids, and an adhesive mouse pad to keep everything in place. In addition, the mouse area will not move laterally when you use your mouse.





  • Ultra versatile keyboard and mouse support for left- or right-hand use
  • Ergonomic palm support and ease of motion between keyboard and mouse
  • Thin profile is perfect for limited space and creates more leg room
  • Firm mouse platforms provide stable support on either side of keyboard

Keyboard Tray Cut Sheet

Keyboard Tray Spec Sheet