Navasota, TX – July 23, 2020

ErgoGenesis Announces Launch of Revolutionary Copper-Infused BodyBilt Aircelli Chair

Cupron® Proprietary and Patented Technology Used in Mesh Back and Seat
Provides Added Protection Against Micro-Organisms

ErgoGenesis Workplace Solutions, the leading manufacturer in ergonomic seating, is responding to the rising need for antimicrobial seating, with the release of its
copper-infused mesh back and seat, now an available option for its popular Aircelli task chair. The copper element has long been known for its health benefits, but less is known about its antimicrobial properties, and has recently been registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material. This BodyBilt chair with the Cupron® patented technology is one of the few of its kind in the marketplace today.

“At BodyBilt, we are all about innovation. We are the leaders in ergonomic solutions, and continue to research and develop products that are not only comfortable, but also provide health benefits due to our product lines’ unmatched modularity to perfectly fit the unique needs of an individual,” says CEO Tony Gerbino. “And since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been working to find ways to make our chairs and other workplace solutions even safer, protecting the user from a variety of micro-organisms, which is critical during this time.”

Cupron® technology transforms ordinary products into extraordinary products by infusing them with antimicrobial benefits. Cupron® technology used in the BodyBilt copper mesh is EPA registered and provides an antimicrobial barrier while inhibiting the growth of a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. This technology protects the fabric from odor and stains while shielding against bacteria, fungus and microbes that cause strains and degrade fibers and fabrics while keeping the mesh clean and odor free.

The Aircelli series of task chairs offer unmatched ergonomic benefits, cost savings, and a solid warranty. The elastomeric mesh offers greater support via a tighter suspension in the lower back, while relaxing the tension in the upper back area. Plus, the copper-infused mesh back and seat adds an additional level of protection.

“The Aircelli is one of our most popular task chairs. Unlike anything else in the industry, the Aircelli offers unique cell technology for compression and support, arm adjustability, and a contoured seat which distributes pressure more evenly and maximizes comfort,” continues Gerbino. “Now with the antimicrobial mesh back and seat, we can offer the additional element of protection. Add any one of our many antimicrobial fabrics to the seat cushion and the chair is ideal for healthcare environments where cleanliness and sterility is critical.”

The BodyBilt Aircelli chair with copper-infused mesh back and seat is available immediately and can be purchased through the online


About ErgoGenesis
Headquartered in Navasota, Texas and a portfolio company of Houston-based Freestone Partners, LLC, a private equity firm, ErgoGenesis, the manufacturer of BodyBilt ergonomic office seating, tools and workspaces, is dedicated to producing ergonomically correct solutions that provide comfort resulting in increased productivity. The company’s national sales force markets BodyBilt products to companies of all sizes, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, emergency call centers and individuals throughout the U.S. and abroad. For more information, visit

More About Cupron
Cupron, Inc. is a copper-based antimicrobial technology company that harnesses the unique
properties of copper for healthcare, consumer, industrial, and military applications. Cupron embeds
various copper formulations in select polymers that enable finished products to deliver the desired
impact. Unlike topically applied solutions, Cupron’s durable embedded copper technology does not
wash or rub off. Cupron’s patented and proprietary embedded copper technology has earned
multiple, unique public health claims from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and
additional innovations are in development.

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ErgoGenesis Announces Launch of Revolutionary Copper-Infused BodyBilt Aireclli Chair



Laura Ehrlich
Public Relations, BodyBilt
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