The Link Between Workspace and Employee Success

The Link Between Workspace and Employee Success

Workspace and Employee Success

Have you ever wondered if the quality of your workspace really impacts your employees’ success? Absolutely it does. Employees who come into the office spend about one-third of their life at work. That means that the quality of their workspace impacts their quality of life. While not every business can have the perks of a Silicon Valley campus in the heyday, it is important to provide your employees with a healthy and supportive workspace.

First, it is important to realize that more and more employees are concerned about quality of life. For many modern employees, corporate culture is as important as salary. So, taking the steps to provide a quality workspace can make people feel valued. So, when you make changes in your workspace, think about how they will impact employee morale.

One of the things a company can do to improve employee morale is providing a stocked kitchen or break room. You may not be able to provide meals, but what kind of perks can you provide for your employees? Most offices supply coffee, but not all employees are coffee drinkers. Do you have a water cooler or filtered water available? Have you thought about providing iced tea? Think about adding a fruit bowl to the office. Fresh apples, bananas, and oranges are easy and affordable healthy staples that can give a hungry employee a quick snack.

Make sure workspaces are ergonomic

Make sure workspaces are ergonomic. You want to make sure your employees can do their jobs without injuries or soreness. Consider adding ergonomic chairs, standing desks, risers, lifted monitors, and gel wrist rests. You also want to promote workers taking physical breaks from their desks. Taking these steps can help protect your employees, but it also protects your business. Injured workers mean time off of work and increased healthcare costs.

If you have a collaborative work environment, then the open office concept is great. While people may complain about cubicles, they can be a great way for workers to support and interact with each other. However, you have to consider the nature of your business. Do your employees need privacy to work? Would noise from neighboring cubicles disturb coworkers? Set up employees in a way that works best for their individual jobs.

We also love the idea of giving your workers spaces for downtime. Most workspaces can be stressful. Adding places where employees can destress is important. It would be great if you could add an employee gym, outdoor walking space, and serenity retreat. However, even if your budget does not allow for that type of investment, think about what you can do to provide a space for your workers to take a moment when they need it.

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