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COVID-19 Implications for Safely Managing Your Workforce: Webinar Recap

COVID-19 Implications for Safely Managing Your Workforce: Webinar Recap

Briotix Health Webinar Recap

Planning to return all or part of your workforce back to the office or other shared workspace? Briotix Health’s latest webinar provided information on safely managing your workforce, including key safety protocols for businesses post-COVID-19. In the article below, we’re highlighting several of the most immediate and effective steps you can take to establish a safe environment for your team members.

The actions below, shared by Adele L. Abrams, Esq. CMSP and Bernadette M. O’Brien, are key safety protocols that your organization should put in place before the return.

Train Team Members on Safety Practices

The effectiveness of your safety practices depends on how well your employees follow the protocols that you put into place. Early, clear, and consistent training on these practices will ensure that your team is equipped to follow them and understands the importance of the safety protocols.

Require Face Masks

The CDC has recommended that everyone should wear face masks when leaving their homes. According to the CDC, the masks may prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that carry SARS-CoV-2 – which can be spread even by those who show no symptoms of COVID-19.


Measure Temperatures

A fever is one of the more common, and one of the most easily measurable, symptoms of COVID-19. As a result, many businesses are using temperature screening before team members begin their workdays. Temperature checks can help identify those who may be ill so that they can be sent home before possibly infecting their colleagues.


Establish Social Distancing

Logistically, this may be one of the more challenging safety protocols to implement, but social distancing is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19. The six-foot distance is especially important in a work environment where team members are spending long amounts of time in the same location.


Provide Sanitizer and Wipes

Another area in which the team members themselves can take action to protect both themselves and their colleagues from COVID-19 is through good hygiene practices. By providing hand sanitizer and wipes to your employees, you’ll both equip and encourage them to continuously clean their hands and their work surfaces.


Implement Enhanced Cleaning

There’s no question that returning to work in a post-COVID environment requires more extensive cleaning and disinfection practices to keep your employees safe. This can mean using stronger disinfectant solutions on surfaces as well as increasing your cleaning schedule. You can also improve the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection protocols with surfaces and fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach or alcohol solutions.


For more information on BodyBilt solutions that can help you create a safe environment for your team members as they return to the workplace, contact us today.


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