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Sola Workstool R2607 WS Black Mesh Back Red Vinyl Halo Footring Black Base Right Angle

BodyBilt Sola Workstool (R2607-WS2)

The Sola Workstool features a unique, contoured mesh back design with an adjustable, integrated lumbar support which may be set at any of 8 positions. Seat Slider allows for the perfect positioning of the distance between the seat and back. Along with the mesh back, our #7 Seat offers a comfortable choice with moderate contouring that accommodates the largest percentile of workers. All of these wonderful design elements culminate into a beautiful and comfortable chair, yet another example of BodyBilt’s commitment of providing ergonomic solutions to meet a variety of workplace needs.

The upgraded Halo footring not only provides greater stability and convenience than standard footrings, but now has an improved hub that more easily locks the Halo into place at the perfect height.


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  • Halo Footring offers support of a wide ring in higher positions but moves out of the way with a scalloped shape for desk height
  • Upgraded Halo Footring hub makes it even easier to adjust the footring to the height you need and lock it into place
  • Breathability of a mesh back, ergonomics of the BodyBilt seat pan
  • Adjustable, integrated lumbar support with 8 positions
  • Moderately contoured seat accommodates the largest percentile of workers
  • 10-point posture control allows the user to control ergonomic level of comfort

Find out how the Sola Workstool R2607-WS2 and our other ergonomic workplace solutions can help you and your organization improve comfort and productivity.

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