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Setting Up Your Workstation for Optimal Comfort

Ergonomics is important. Making sure your workspace is comfortable helps you avoid pain, lessens your chance of repetitive stress injuries, and can boost your productivity. While you may think setting up an ideal workstation is prohibitively expensive, there are budget-conscious ways to perfect your workspace, as well.

Many people work on laptops. The problem with that is that you are looking down to view the screen. That can lead to soreness and injuries in your neck, back, and shoulders. Fortunately, you can work on your laptop and keep your screen at eye level. You can use a portable keyboard with your existing laptop. Then, you can set the screen at eye level so that you can look straight ahead instead of down. You can buy a shelf for your laptop, but you can also stack it on top of boxes or books.

Then, you want to make sure your keyboard is at the right angle when setting up your workstation. Your keyboard should be set where your elbows are at a 90-degree angle while you are typing. You may need to adjust your seat up or down to get the right height. Many modern desks have keyboard shelves, which can help some people get that 90-degree angle.

Position your keyboard and your mouse near the edge of your desk, so that they are within easy reach. It may not seem important if you are completing a simple assignment. However, if you are going to be typing for an extended period, you want to ensure that your whole computer is positioned comfortably. You also want to make sure you take frequent breaks. Even if you have the best possible setup, frequent breaks, stretching, and movement can help prevent injuries and pain.

Most office chairs allow some type of adjustment. Make sure the height, height of the armrests, and lumbar support all work for your body. Your feet should touch the ground. If they do not, then you can use stacks of boxes or books to support your feet. Likewise, you can use a pillow or rolled towel to supply lumbar support. If you need to make these adjustments, consider whether that chair meets your needs. At Body Bilt, we offer a variety of customizable chairs that can supply optimum support and comfort.

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