Desk Health & Organization

Desk Health & Organization

How organized is your desk? We know, it could always be cleaner. But why don’t we take a moment to ensure that your workstation is healthy and organized? As we all know, desk organization leads to a better quality of life at a place where you will typically spend eight hours or more every day. So let’s get started on this quick checklist.


Your chair is a cornerstone of desk health. It must be comfortable enough to be sat in for most of the day, without too much pain and discomfort. So is your chair stable and in good condition? Are there any defects or defunct features of the chair such as the arms or pneumatics? Is the chair ergonomic? Can you adjust the seat? How about the backrest? And the armrest? Perhaps most importantly does the chair properly fit you? Additionally, is the chair too complex to adjust?


In this world of black mirrors, we spend most of our time staring at screens. It surely would benefit you to spend that time right. Consider some of the following questions to discern the health of your monitors. Is the height of the monitor fine? Is it at eye level? Or below? Is there a glare or reflection? Do you have multiple monitors and if so, are they at similar heights? Do you have to twist your neck around to look at the monitor?

Keyboard & Mouse

Being another important aspect of your workplace setup, you do not want to spend most of your time on your keyboard and mouse only for it to be damaging to your hands and wrists. Consider the following: is the keyboard directly in front of you? Will you have to twist to awkward angles just to use it? Are your elbows resting in a comfortable position near your sides? Are your forearms relatively head-on to the keyboard and do you have any wrist support? As for your mouse, is it uncomfortable to use? Is it negatively sloped in any way? Is your mouse at the same level as the keyboard, next to it, or in an otherwise comfortable place?

Desk Organization Experts

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